We appreciate your interest in helping us make our releases the best possible! To begin participating, the first step is to become a member of our Beta Community.

While beta programs for our individual products are seasonal, the community itself only needs to be joined once. Once you become part of the community, you will be invited to participate in upcoming beta programs for various products as they are made available.

By being a community member, you get to see products in early stages of development, and your feedback will influence the course of future products.


To be considered for this community, you must meet and agree to a few requirements:

Be an Existing Bluebeam Customer.

You can participate in the community as long as you have a registered license of Bluebeam Revu (any version).

Agree to the Online Beta Participation Agreement.

This confirms that you will not share any information associated with this site with others outside of the beta program you participate in, and that you will cooperate in providing feedback and promotional materials if requested.

Agree to evaluate beta versions of Bluebeam products in a Timely Manner.

In many cases, our beta programs are only a few weeks to a few months long. This might seem obvious, but since we try to deliver robust features at a speedy pace, it also means that we ask testers to put forth their best effort in participating. Please test, report bugs, and provide overall feedback as quickly as you can, so we can incorporate it in a timely manner.